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The Big Issue

We human beings are complex creatures.  We have a highly sophisticated body with systems and organs that continually amaze scientists.  But even more fascinating is the human mind, which can remember, analyze, think, imagine and experience emotions.

Counselors say that we're like an onion in that life impacts us on several layers.  For example, while obesity can be a serious problem in itself, it is often an "outer layer" manifestation of a deeper problem: feeling worthless.

Since Roger feels better when he eats, he now eats to feel good—and puts on weight in the process.  But in his case low self-esteem is a manifestation of a still deeper problem: constant put-downs by those he cared about throughout his childhood.  And that created an even deeper problem at the core of his being: the inability to trust anyone.

At his core, his inability to trust even himself leads him to expect put-downs from others and himself.  Those put-downs keep his self esteem low, which leads him to eat to feel good, which results in obesity at the most superficial level.

Now here's an awesome truth: if we could resolve the core issues that affect us at the deepest levels of our being, we would make incredible strides towards freedom from those issues and be geatly empowered to live a better life.

At this point, there's something we have to know about God: in His great love that is exactly what He desires for us!  He wants to help us resolve the core issues that adversely affect us and keep us from being all that He designed us to be.

And this is where we need to understand what the big issue in the great war between God and Satan.  The focal point of Satan's attack has always been God's character.  Paradoxically, he claims to be loving, is easy to please and desiring people's happiness.  But he portrays God as selfish and manipulative, a dictator who is impossible to please.

When parents make rules for their children (don't run on wet floors, don't touch the stove, don't use markers on walls, brush teeth after you eat, eat all your vegetables before you get dessert...), they reveal their values.  A person's values are a window into who they are—their character.  The same is true with God.  His laws reveal His values, who He is—His character.  And His laws are good, designed to provide security and guide people to fulfillment and happiness.

Today, candidates who participate in mud-slinging and character assassination are not interested in the truth about their opponents.  They paint the most negative picture of their opponent, their views and what they stand for—all to get people's votes and rise to power.  And that's pretty much how Satan operates.  And so still today humanity is left to decide who is right about God's character, God or Satan---the same decision Adam and Eve had to make in Eden.