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The Great War

Almost any good movie has conflict in its storyline.  The scenario varies, but the movie begins by putting opposite sides in evidence, helping us understand each perspective.  Then inevitable friction leads to conflict, which in turn leads to a battle where each side pulls out all the stops.  Every opponent gives it their all!

Most conflicts pit a person or people with higher values or moral standards against a person or people who don't want to pay the price for the issue to be resolved the right way, for the greatest possible good of all involved.

Maybe we like conflict in books, on the playing field, in the theatre or in the media because conflict is a part of our everyday lives.  We identify with the parties, and sometime it seems like "same battle, different people, different situation."

When you think about it, conflict exists because God gave us freedom.  And that's the big difference between unity and uniformity.  That's why, in our pluralistic society, only God can crate unity in diversity.

The greatest conflict of all times is the ongoing battle between God and Satan that has been raging since before creation—over 6,000 years now.  That battle was first fought over Lucifer's heart, then over the heart of God's angels, and now it's over the hearts and minds of people.  Who will we choose to side with, God or Satan?

This great war has played out in every generation, in every nation, in every person who has every lived or ever will live on this earth.  God vs. Satan, good vs. evil, light vs. darkness, truth vs. illusion, or error.

God consistently wants what's good for people.  He consistently refuses to manipulate and respects people's freedom to choose.  He consistently links causes and their effects.  He consistently upholds a perfect law that reflects the natural and simple reality of cause and effect.  He consistently puts truth in evidence so it will shine.

Satan, on the other hand, consistently wants people to pursue immediate gratification at the cost of any consequences.  He consistently manipulates people to choose against God and His laws.  He consistently divorces causes from their effects, keeping people in sin's illusions.

In Romans 3:23, Paul alerts us to a very grim reality: "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."  While we all participate in acts of sin, Paul later points out that "sin entered the world through one man (5:12)" which means that we all have sinned "in Adam."  In other words, something broke with Adam that none of his descendants can fix.

The basic issue in this greatest of all wars, this issue that has plagued the whole human race since its beginning, is simply this: Will we ever be able to trust God, our Creator, again?  Without God, the answer is a simple "no."