Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to visit our website!  As a congregation the Longmont Adventist Church is on a journey to become serious about its calling to experience and share Jesus both among ourselves and in our community.  And Jesus is all about helping people live better, happier and more successful lives that glorify God and bring real satisfaction.

As you navigate our site, keep in mind that Seventh-day Adventists are people just like everyone else—people filled with hopes and fears, joys and sorrows, strengths and weaknesses—people trying to find their place in this world and make sense of their lives.

Sometimes life can take us by surprise!  But if we’re committed to growing stronger and wiser with every experience, we’ll soon discover that even on the darkest nights God will light the way.

Thank-you for stopping by, and if there's any way we can help you please let us know.  And if you would like to join us for our one of our worship services—or for any of our activities or events—please know that we will be happy to welcome you!  In the meantime, may God bless you and grant you a wonderful day!